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Michele on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Despite what others may say, our district will not benefit financially in any significant way from the proposed pipeline. Our aim must be to reduce reliance on fossil-based fuels, not encourage their further development which will be the result if this and other similar pipelines are supported. We need to be looking toward the future at renewable and clean forms of energy.

I will seek to work on a non-partisan effort to change eminent domain legislation to represent the people and landowners in Virginia, and focus on individual property rights and limit eminent domain to strictly public uses to benefit Virginians, not private corporations.

Our district offers rare and quiet beauty for visitors - majestic mountains, views of rural lifestyle, the opportunity to ski, hike and camp, travel the hop and vine trail, and visit some of our organic, visitor-friendly farms. We should be looking at capitalizing on this opportunity, rather than accepting money from energy giants who would destroy part of our natural heritage. I have a vision in which Virginia is a leader in clean energy production, a trailblazer in agriculture-based and environment-based tourism, while protecting and maintaining the beauty, integrity, and history of our natural heritage.

Committee to Elect Michele Edwards
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