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The future economic success of the 20th District depends on the availability of excellent comprehensive public education.

The needs of students both in the 20th District and across the country are changing. No longer is a high school diploma enough to secure a bright future. Our children need support from before they even enter the classroom, to when they cross that stage at graduation, to whatever follows; full-time employment, a certification program, 2 or 4-year education, or the military. 

Virginia has the finest community colleges in the country. More students should be able to attend by making them tuition-free, and BRCC can help the district grow through Green Initiatives, training people to enter the alternative energy field as well as the ever-expanding technology field.

The 20th District should start meeting the 21st century.

For these reasons, Michele will...

  • Increase funding, access, and support for Virginia’s Community College System to maintain community college affordability for all students and life-long learners
  • Increase funding for preschool programs so that students don’t begin school at a deficit and then spend the rest of their academic careers playing catch-up
  • Collaborate with local businesses and schools to make sure that our education system is providing them with successful employees, allowing students to remain in the 20th District if they wish to do so
  • Preserve funding for public schools so that our tax dollars help the most students in the most efficient way possible. Michele opposes vouchers or any other program that would divert public funds away from public schools
  • Work to expand programs such as Medicaid, SNAP, and provide availability of high-speed internet so we can make sure that all children have resources they need to be successful both in school and at home.
  • Hold schools accountable for their improvement. No two schools are the same and so every school improvement needs to be different.

Watch this video to learn more.

 Michele Edwards on Education

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