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Virginia's economy, though growing should include all Virginians. Virginia's 20th District needs a Delegate who will focus on fully-funded public education, affordable healthcare for everyone, better wages and more jobs for our community. Michele will work to protect Virginia's environment and natural resources, and to ensure that we have a government working for you.

Michele, though not a career politician, has extensive experience and success in building coalitions. Michele is a mother, a wife, and a former teacher. She is running for the House of Delegates from the 20th District because she is concerned about the future of America, our Commonwealth, and our communities. Michele has also been a foster parent, a CASA, and a laywoman in her church.

Michele is running a strong campaign to stand up for the needs of working families. She will be a new voice for the District and the Commonwealth.


  • Ensure full-funding of public education
  • Establish a living wage, appropriate to each locality in the Commonwealth
  • Find solutions to ensure affordable healthcare for all Virginians
  • Establish an independent, impartial commission to draw political districts after the 2020 census is complete
  • Defend property rights and our environment
  • Support local businesses and attract new ones

August 25 Meet and Greet event
"Why I am running for Virginia Delegate for the 20th District."

Raise the Minimum Wage

If you work full time, you deserve a living wage. Too many Virginians can’t support their families on a wage of $14,000 a year. No matter where Michele travels in the district, the message is clear: no family in Virginia can build a secure future for their families or themselves when their wages are this low. Michele is committed to working with her colleagues in the General Assembly and the business community to find ways to make the $10 minimum wage a reality and not an undue burden on small business owners.  

Virginia is a technology, energy, and tourism hub. Let's build on that brand in District 20 to bolster the economy by creating more jobs that provide higher wages and a better quality of life for all.


Key priority: Find solutions to ensure affordable healthcare for all Virginians

Expanding Medicaid in Virginia is a common-sense solution, and truthfully it is the moral thing to do. Affordable healthcare should not be a partisan issue and as Delegate, Michele will work with her fellow legislators across party lines to ensure that Medicaid expansion is a top legislative priority. Michele believes no hard working Virginian should go without affordable health care and the good news is a majority of Virginians agree.


Key priority: Ensure full-funding of public education

  • Expand Early Education Opportunities, ensuring that all children are ready to begin Kindergarten on equal footing
  • Raise Teacher Salaries to at least national average
  • Expand Career and Technical Education Opportunities
  • Ensure Safe Learning Environments
  • Improve the Funding Formula for School Localities so that no school system is unduly burdened with the cost of educating students 


Key priority: Defend property rights and our environment

The 20th District is a magnet for tourists seeking quiet beauty, majestic mountains, and a taste of the rural lifestyle. They want opportunities to ski, hike, and camp; to see our wineries and breweries; to visit sustainable agriculture.

Michele has a vision for Virginia to take the lead in clean energy production, be a trailblazer in agriculture and environment based tourism, and remain a defender of the beauty, integrity, and history of our natural heritage.

Her goals for the environment are:

Non-Partisan Redistricting

Michele believes that a fair redistricting process is essential to maintaining the health of American's democracy, which is why she supports the creation of a non-partisan redistricting committee that will comply with the requirements set forth by the Virginia Constitution and Voting Rights Act.

The practice of “Gerrymandering” or creating unfair, uncompetitive state and federal legislative districts, has been used by both political parties and is a practice that deprives Virginia citizens of a voice in our elections. Michele wants to ensure that every Virginian has their voice heard, and to do so we must institute a non-partisan redistricting process before the 2021 census.

Learn more at OneVirginia2021

Watch documentary produced through partnership with Community Ideas Station WCVE and OneVirginia2021.

Civil Rights and Anti-Discrimination

Diversity in all forms makes our society stronger.

Michele will fight to end discrimination in all it's forms and protect the civil rights of all Virginians. Our society should never tolerate discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, race, age, political affiliation, ability, national origin, or religion and government should either as Delegate Michele will work to end discriminatory practices and right the injustices in written in Virginia's general code. 

Michele is committed to creating a district where all residents are welcome, valued, and safe.

Economic Development

Successful economic development is dependent on all of Michele’s key priorities.

Michele believes that the 20th District should partner with communication companies and work toward obtaining federal and state grants to implement broadband throughout the district.  Highland, Nelson, and parts of Augusta County are woefully behind in internet availability, and economic growth will follow once broadband capability is available to everyone. Accessible broadband is a priority for Michele.

Responsible Gun Ownership

We live in a district where there is a strong tradition of hunting and collecting firearms. Michele respects this tradition and as Delegate, Michele will protect Virginian's 2nd Amendment right to own firearms.

The vast majority of gun owners are responsible citizens law abiding individuals who follow common sense practices for safety. Many of these gun owners agree there should be common sense measures in place to prevent gun violence.

Michele will work toward sensible gun safety legislation including requirements that buyers at gun shows undergo background checks, a measure which is supported by a majority of Virginians. Michele also supports keeping guns away from people convicted of felonies and crimes related to domestic violence. 

Michele believes that the House of Delegates can pass legislation that will provide common sense protections against gun violence.

Michele on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Michele EdwardsI am committed to curbing the effects of climate change, protecting Virginia’s natural resources, and ensuring the quality of our air, water, and land for current and future generations. From investing in clean energy to protecting our ecosystems, I will work to address our biggest environmental challenges, paving the way to a more sustainable Virginia.  To become sustainable, it will take all of us acting together — workers, entrepreneurs, scientists, communities and citizens; the public and the private sector — to address the challenge of climate change and seize our clean-energy future.

Committee to Elect Michele Edwards
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